who's that girl.. lalalala

Jasey is the type of girl who will wear Minnie Mouse ears on a random day. But also the girl who can sit you down, and give you an entire businessplan in 5 minutes. She can make you laugh till you cry, but when it's time to take care of business she'll give it to you straight. She's all about women empowerment and good vibes. Loves travelingand the occasional Pornstar Martini.

Okay, I'm done talking in 3rd person. It's weird. I'll just give you a little back story on how I got to do what I do.

About 5 years ago a friend of mine started her own hair company, during a time where a lot of other hair companies were popping up. To make sure hers would be successful, I came up with ideas and plans to make her company stand out.

I was already very good with Photoshop, so I decided to also teach myself Illustrator. That way we could make all the products recognizable. I also looked into all things social media, so we could use it as our #1 promotion tool since it was free, and we didn't have them type coins yet. 

And that my loves, is how I got started with branding, social media, content creation and graphic design.

During that time I also used my graphic design skills to create printables for events and birthday parties, and with time I also started to decorate and plan them. I knew I liked the things I was doing, but I really wanted to combine them and offer my services to more businesses.

I want to be the go-to spot where people can just explain their vision, and I could come up with, and execute an entire plan to make them legendary.

Which is why I started "jasey v." so I could help more people with their branding, social media and events. And now here you are! Trust me, I got you.