turning dreams into legacies.
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the dime talks


Since I started my platform Bosses Degree I've been getting a lot of questions about having and starting a business. But also about how branding actually works, and how to implement it. So guess what, I got your answers baby! 

The dime talks are specially made for you, so I can help you out where you need it. And give you the right tools to get your ish together!

Sometimes you just need a plan of action specifically for you and your situation. Or maybe you want some advice on how to step your branding game up. Or how to even start the business of your dreams, and bring your vision to life.

Well let's grab a (virtual) drink, and have a talk so I can guide you in the right direction!



  • custom questionnaire before consult to determine "problem areas"

  • a great conversation/coaching session face to face or online for 1,5 hour

  • tools and tips to bring your vision to life

  • an extensive recap and action plan after the consult


*excluding VAT