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cynthia ritsma

the go all out package


rebranding for a communications professional’s personal brand.

Cynthia and I first met during her retreat in Marrakech which she organizes and hosts with her business House of Notoire. But that’s not all she does.. No no no.. She’s also a creative, a communications professional, a PR maven.. You name it and she IS it!

So when she hit me up to rebrand her personal brand for her, I didn’t even have to think twice!

She wanted very earthy warm tones, and pops of color but not TOO childish. Something that says “I know how to get down, but hey… I’m still a professional..” This is what we ended up with, and I gotta say WE’RE IN LOVE!

Ipad + phone mockup.png
Business cards mockup.png
Website Full.jpg

cynthia’s words:

Jasey truly made magic happen! She has developed my branding, logo and website in such a short time frame, yet with precision and the ability to translate my needs and character effortlessly. I am thrilled to continue my work with a brand new and gorgeous look. I couldn’t have asked for anything better!