No worries, just check out the frequently asked questions below!


+ Where are you located?

I'm currently based in the Netherlands, but I've worked with clients all over the world. So no worries, we'll easily be able to stay in touch!

+ What are your working hours?

You can email us 24/7 - obvi -. But we’re available from Monday to Thursday between 10AM and 4PM and Fridays from 10AM till 2PM. Our timezone is GMT+2

+ If I decide to work with you, what does the process look like?

You can read up on the whole process right here!

+ I totally want to work with you, how do I get the ball rolling?

Yay, we’re happy to hear that! You can start right here to fill in the project inquiry form. You’ll be redirected to our scheduling page, where you can book your FREE 30 minute Consulting Call!

+ What are your payment terms?

Once you’ve approved the proposal and signed your contract you’ll be required to make the first 30% deposit to secure your spot in our schedule.

The 2nd payment of 35% will be required at least 5 working days before your start date. This payment will start your project.

Your 3rd and final payment of the remaining 30% will be due on the end date of your project. After it’s been cleared you’ll receive all your deliverables and if you also chose web design, the website’s ownership will be transferred to you!

In short:

1ST PAYMENT: 30% deposit to secure your slot.

2ND PAYMENT: 35% is due 5 days before your start date.

FINAL PAYMENT: 35% is due on your project end date.

+ What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal for international clients, and iDeal for clients based in The Netherlands. We do NOT accept e-check or Credit Cards.

+ Can I cancel my project?

Our mission is to make your vision come to life, and provide you with a brand that gives you confidence.

However, if you do not wish to complete the project then you’ll only be required to pay 20% of the remaining balance, and you’ll receive all files I’ve already created in uneditable formats.

Cancellations after the project has already been finalized still require a full payment!

Any payments made beyond your security deposit are also non refundable.

+ Do you also provide the content?

Unless you've also booked one of our content services, then no. You’re responsible for your own copy and visual content. I will apply them to your designs accordingly. Make sure your content is ready before the start date of your project. Since delays bring additional costs.

+ How many revision rounds do I get?

All projects have 2 revisions All projects come with two free revision rounds for the logo system and if you get web design you also have two free revision rounds.

All other collateral usually have one, but this will be explained more in detail in your proposal since it's different for every project.

We kindly request feedback in a timely fashion to make sure your ready to launch! Once you receive your drafts or any design work at the end of the day, you have 2 business days (1 if it's send out on a friday) to give your feedback and suggestions before we move forward. All feedback must be submitted before 12PM (GMT +2) to avoid delays. In case there is a delay because of feedback, there will be a fee of €50 a day after the third day.

+ Can I have more revision rounds?

Extra revision rounds are possible if it won’t cause a project delay and at an additional price.

+ Why Squarespace?

Not only does Squarespace have a very modern and beautiful design, it’s an extremely user friendly platform. You’ll never have to worry about updates, or plug-ins that keep crashing. You’ll be able to maintain your website like a pro, and they have a great customer service!

+ I already have a logo, can I have a discount?

No. I only provide complete brands which include logos.

+ I already have a completed brand, can I just get a website?

I would have to review your brand design first to see if I can actually work with it, and don’t have to add any brand elements to it.

+ What is brand collateral?

Brand collaterals are basically add-ons to your brand identity design. Everything you need to promote and market your business falls into this category. This includes digital and print.

It’s important for a brand to have matching collateral designs. Consistency is very important and brand collateral should reflect your brand from your business card to your media kit.

+ Can I also get my designs printed by you?

Unfortunatly at this moment I only provide the files. But I can help you out with some recommendations. Just ask :)

+ Do you accept rebranding projects?

Yes! I surely do!

+ Can you add things to my site/brand later?

Sure, after-project edits and add-ons are available at additional costs.

+ How do we stay in contact?

Via email, whatsapp and your client portal.

+ Do you also maintain the website for me?

Not exactly. after your website is finished we’ll have a training session and I will teach you exactly how to maintain your website. But if you would like to have us retainer we can always have a chat about that!