check the jasey v. project process down below!


step one - booking

Tell us all about you and fill us in on your branding goals during your Free 30 minute consulting call that you can book HERE.

When we have a creative match, we’re all set to get to work. After our call we’ll send over your project proposal which includes a brief, the project plan, timeline and pricing. If all looks good, a 30% non-refundable deposit will secure your spot in the design line!

step two - discovery

Now that you’re all secured, You’ll receive your personal Welcome Kit and I’ll send over your Client Homework. Yup, ya read that right.. Homework. But aye, it’s all so you can secure ALL the bags in the end!

Your homework will include a few moodboards and an in-depth Branding Questionnaire, that’ll cover all aspects of your business and what you want it to be. We want to know ERRTHANGG so we can make sure we can accurately tell your brand's story and provide you with a money-making strategy! Once you’ve finished your homework you’ll be prompted to book our Strategy Video Chat right before the start of your project. So we can be sure we’re on the same page and ALL your questions are answered before we dive in!

During this phase you’ll also provide us with your all your copy and image content. Unless you’ve booked our Copywriting and/or Creative Direction service of course, then you’ll be asked to fill in an additional questionnaire to make sure your copy and creative direction screams you!

step three - strategy

Your project start date is here, that means it’s Brand Strategy Time!

Your brand strategy of one of the keys to an outstanding, captivating and lasting brand. So we’ll take some time creating yours with the help of your homework and our conversations. Within the brand strategy, you’ll receive your brand’s; goal, statement, personality, dream client, voice and of course a proposed moodboard just to see if we got the right vibe going on. The moodboard will show multiple visual aspects such as a color palette, typography inspiration, logo inspiration and imagery that shows the mood/feel of the brand. This is meant to outline our approach moving forwards. 

We’ll plan a live video chat so I can present and explain your strategy, and you’ll be able to give your feedback afterwards with the included feedback form. This phase has 1 revision round.

step four - create

Now that we have a fitting strategy for your brand, we’ll get to create! The first part of this phase will be all about your logo. We’ll start with 3 concepts which will be presented to you in multiple ways so you can see your future logo in action! Out of these 3 concept you’ll pick your favorite and give some feedback on it through the provided questions on your feedback form. You get 2 revision rounds as well as an optional video call if to walk through your feedback and the adjustments.

Once your logo is complete, we’ll proceed with the other deliverables in your package! So keep your eye out for some cute stuff in your client portal every few days! Exact deadlines will be provided in your project proposal as it depends on our timeline.

If you’ve also chosen web design (yay!) we’ll hop on that as soon as you’ve approved your brand identity! We’ll start off with a homepage and overall layout mock-up, which you can give feedback on if desired. Once approved we’ll get started on the live design including all your provided (or created by us) content.

You’ll then get a chance to make adjustments (in the scope of the previous approved mock-up of course). And then your digital home will be all furnished, decorated and ready to go!

step five - enjoy

Yaaaas! Pop out the champagne (or a cocktail if you’re like us lol), cuz it’s LAUNCHING TIME! You’re brand is almost ready to go! I’ll send you all the files for print and digital needs and provide you with a complete Branding Guide that outlines when and where to use your logos, fonts and color palette.

If you booked the web design service, the website’s ownership will also be transferred to you. You’re now officially a digital home owner, congrats!

We’ll have our final Off-boarding Video Call where I will take you through all your deliverables and you’ll be provided with a Client Feedback Survey. Ya know, just to let us know how you REALLY feel!

And to make sure your new launch gets all the buzz, I’ll provide you with a Brand Launch Social Kit. Just to let ‘em know there’s a new brand in town!

Now you’re all set, go enjoy life and make money <3!